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    [Fr] La migration continue vers Symfony  09 Apr 2014

    Comment refondre une application de manière agile en évitant de repousser la migration sine die? Voici les slides de ma conférence au Symfony Live Paris 2014, un retour d'expérience sur le projet de refonte du site Read more »

    Gremlins.js Go Mobile  02 Apr 2014

    Our monkey testing library for webapps can now simulate touch interactions. Are you ready to stress test your HTML5 mobile app? Read more »

    Faker Now Generates Real Text  04 Mar 2014

    Faker can now generate random text in English, French and German. Read on to see how the Makov Chains generator algorithm can help you get good-looking fake text for your locale. Read more »

    Choose Collective Code Ownership  27 Feb 2014

    Strong Code ownership, or development silos, is often seen as a good practice. How come it's also one of the most counterproductive project management techniques in an agile team? Read more »

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